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Sensual and agonizing vocals, addictive melodies, massive guitars, toxic bass, harmful electronic...INDUSTRIAL METAL ROCK suitable for all audiences.

Psideralica, Spanish (Mallorca) band founded by guitarist Toni Kernel in 2003, has released the albums, 'Engel der Nacht' (2005), 'Neophobia?' (2010), the single 'Toxic Skin' and the last album 'Trinitite' (2016), produced by Toni Kernel & Pablo Ochando Korhonen, contains 11 songs more dark and claustrophobic, that intoxicate listener's skin with their infectious choruses.

Psideralica has performed in the main Spanish capitals, UK, France, Germany, Malta (VOTS 2017, Dark Malta Fest 2019 (with Lord of the Lost, Aesthetic Perfection, And One, Suicide Commando...), Italy, Belgium (Peer, Balen), The Netherlands, Costa de Fuego Festival Benicassim 2012 (with Guns n' Roses, Marilyn Manson, Lacuna Coil, Paradise Lost, Nightwish, In Flames...), etc...

"Bands like Psideralica escape all rules. They hit you from different angles. It's not your typical Goth, or Industrial, or dance group. Waves of synths and electronic guitars intertwine with the voice of Lady  Marian, capable of crossing Madonna with Rammstein" (Costa de Fuego 2012).

In addition, several songs of Psideralica have been selected for soundtracks of several TV series and film productions, both in Spain and the rest of the world.

Line up: Lady Marian - vocals, Toni Kernel - Guitars & Programming, Silvia Panic - Bass


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It will not be far from the truth to state that a band is the result of the synergy created by individuals, with different tastes and backgrounds, merging to form a single unit. Damaged & Co. are no exception.

The six members forming the band come from different social backgrounds and are influenced by different styles of music. The single common ingredient is the love for metal and heavy handed music. Damaged & Co. come across as a strange kind of breed, hard to pigeonhole, thus their style of metal can vary according to the song that one is listening to. Most probably Melodic Metalcore will be the term best fitting. Whoever is familiar with the metal/rock scene in Malta knows how difficult it is to keep an act together. Bands keep coming together and fizzling out due to various reasons. Damaged & Co. started out when Theo Torrisi and Ehren Fenech (Decline the Fall) joined forces and formed “Kill o’Clock”. The project, which started off as a duo, gained momentum and soon enough they decided to expand the circle and form a band. In time they were joined by Daniel Sammut on guitars, Daniel Aquilina on drums, Keith Muscat on keyboards and Clyde Farrugia on bass. Band members had previous experience in other local bands such as “Myopic Destiny” and “Improbus Atrum”, to name a few. Ehren had to leave the band to focus on his other project and was replaced by Peter Paul Valletta on vocals.

Theo Torrisi parted ways with the band in December 2019, for personal reasons, and was replaced by Etienne Vella.


Line-up: Peter Paul Valletta, Daniel Sammut,  Keith Muscat, Daniel Aquilina and Etienne Vella


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Normoria is an American/Swedish band located in Sweden whose seductive sound is a fusion of many elements: primarily dark electro and rock-Industrial. The music is a big blend of dark styles, amplified by Johan’s rumbling bass and Gustav’s enigmatic guitar, as well as their frontwoman Angel Moonshine’s versatile vocals, and dramatic aesthetics. Expressive power, hauntingly catchy melodies, and a combination of obscure energized sounds, are signature features of the band that combined make Normoria distinct and outside of the traditional. Normoria is a band that among writing about different topics, is characterized for standing up against discrimination, and for being an advocate to animal rights. While at the same time keeping the high energy electronic heavy beats for the dance floor.


Their songs have appeared in many compilations around the world, and in the Native25 Charts, the German Electronic WebCharts (GEWC), and the Deutsche Alternative Charts (DAC) where their single “The Cost Of Freedom” was in the charts for 8 weeks. And on August 2020 the band released their 2nd EP titled, “VOYAGE”. The music has a heavier sound, and it got amazing reviews. The band is currently working on a new EP which it will be released sometime in the summer 2022. 


Normoria's very unique sound is insatiably appealing in comparison to some other bands in the alternative scene. And their listeners' hunger could not be satisfied by the awe inspiring energy of their dramatic live performances. After having played several festivals in Sweden along with artist like Suicide Commando, Noisuf-X, Red Cell and Freakangel, the band played at (UK) Infest Online Festival (Stay-In-Fest) on August 29th 2020 where they also got to premiere some of their newest songs. And on October 16th they were part of "Elysium's 48 hour LiveStream Benefit" where they played to help get donations for the popular Elysium Nightclub in Austin, Texas. The new year 2021 continued with Covid-19 ravaging the world. But like most bands around the world, Normoria didn't let it stop them. They joined the world of virtual music festivals and played at UK's Renaissance Alternative Music Festival, then Normoria joined the line-up for the popular Dark Malta Festival, which hosts some of the best bands in the European scene. The band also was part of (US) Temple Festival, a well known yearly event that happens in Salt Lake City, Utah, and they also joined many other livestream shows by the end of 2021.

Line up: Angel Moonshine - Vocals, Johan Willenheimer -Bass, Gustav Hedberg - Rhythm Guitar


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" Spewing twisted metal tunes since early 2005 and bringing five seasoned noisemakers to the stage sending audiences into a groovy frenzy, ClubMurder continues to hammer out more sonic terrorism from the small Mediterranean island of Malta with no signs of slowing down in sight. "

Having a reputation of butchering any situation, ClubMurder takes to the stage and delivers a spine splitting, adrenaline pumped set that's not for the faint of heart. Fronted by a maniac with a mic who creates a range of verbal assault varying from  grizzly growls to raging war cries, backed by colossal rhythm sections, dropping to eight string depths and monster grooves, completed by surgical scratching and subtle sampling, the end result is nothing short of a pyroclastic flow. Through the course of many live performances and studio sessions ClubMurder have also released a number of studio albums, and have various official music videos uploaded to YouTube, the more recent creations giving a good idea of how the band has evolved.

Starting off as an experimental project, ClubMurder has now evolved into a well oiled machine with plenty of ammunition loaded and ready to blast off a stage near you real soon.


Line-up: Dave - Guitars, Steve - Drums, Paul - Bass, Wenzu - Vocals, Keith - Vocals, Electronics




Hailing from the tiny island of Malta in the heart of the Mediterranean, Deathcore act Haine was established in the fall of 2017. Founded by bassist Claudio Toscano, Chris Bonello on vocals, guitarist Jean Vella and drummer Konrad Saliba, the band's mission statement was simple; forgo all preconceived notions and pre-existing scene stereotypes to create their own brand of extreme music. Haine's sound was moulded by influences from a vast variety of musical genres, resulting in a deeply layered sound combining heavy grooves and crushing breakdowns, punctuated by melodic overtones. 


Haine released their first three singles, 'This Darkness', 'Our Own Messiahs' and 'I, Empyreal' in 2018 with the intention of showcasing the band's sound. These were soon followed by a fourth single and first music video, 'Breeding Falsity' in 2019.  After the amicable departure of Jean Vella, James Horton and Jack Pisani joined the band on guitars. With this newly-found lineup complete, the band played their first show within six weeks. Invigorated by this and the future looking bright, the band started planning and pre-production for its debut self-titled EP release at the end of 2019. The EP was recorded by David Depasquale at SpineSplitter Studio in the summer of 2020, and its first single 'Burn it Down' was released in the November that followed. Its accompanying music video was met with high praise, with Deathcore giants Shadow of Intent joining the fold by reacting to it on a live stream. Following this, the EP was released on the 6th of January, 2021, with excellent feedback coming from the local and international scene.

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Journey into the mind, flashes of Light and Darkness, hidden desires, path between the tarot cards to discover human spirituality, dreams and thirst for knowledge about Life, Death and Emotions.


The Blut project, born primary as a free artistic expression of Alessandro Schumperlin, brings original music and without limits of instrumental and vocal genre. The first album 'Inside my mind part I' is a journey through the lesser-known mental illness in the world that develops on varied sounds, each song has its own different musical cue, from the enigmatic 'How can I kill her?' to 'Alice''s dreamy atmospheres, the pop experiment of 'Forget Paris', the metal sound of 'Where are they?' There also an Italian song 'La via di cappuccetto', a post punk experiment.

The structures of 'Inside my mind part II', take up the ideas of the first work but is more defined and more accompanied by electronics. We find Arabesque sounds from 'Jerusalem calls me', a German Waltz tempo for 'Sigmund Freud ist mein Nachbar', more martial tones for 'Ekbom' a look at the cinema for 'Folly of two'. The New Album 'Hermeneutics' is the home of the 22 Major Arcana, each song is a tarot, each of them is the manifestation of the will of each card, what it grants and determines in our existence. The two male and female voices interpretet each card as a character on the varied and surprising stage that is Life. The Album was written during the spring and summer of 2018, than re arranged in between the end of 2018 and first four month of 2019. Was recorded in the Summer of 2019. Mix and master were made it in Real Sound Studio by Roberto Gramegna and Ettore Franco Gilardoni (Time machine, Marky Ramones, André Matos, The Shaman, Abighor, Latte+,Giorgio Gaber, Dj Ringo, Siberia, Eddy Antonini, Skylark, the Crooks, Thee STP, Primadonna and many more). Inside the album we have a special guest Emanuele 'Lele' Laghi (Drakkar and Crimson Dawn) for the track 'XV The Devil'. The cover was drawned by Giulio Rincione (Dylan Dog, Sergio Bonelli Editore, Shockdom, Disney and many more). Blut brings on stage a show where the theatrical component is very strong, the bodily performance of the two singers and the actorial actions are the masters in order to transmit the intrinsic emotions to the maximum in each song, each of these in fact has its own scene performed by the tow singer- actors Alessandro Schumperlin and Chiara Manese, while Stefano Corona's synth and Marco Borghi's guitars create the musical 'magic'. Now Antonino Sidoti join the band and Marco leave us in a friendly way. Basically, It's impossible to define Blut. The true essence of this project is its absolutely indescribability.

Line-up: Alessandro Schümperlin - Vocals, backing vocals, programming, composer, producer,  Chiara Manese - Vocals, backing vocals, co composer for the new album,  Stefano Corona - Drums machine, loops, synth, co composer for the new album, Antonino Sidoti - Guitars, co composer for the new album


Chaonic Remains greyscale.jpg

Originally formed in 2008 but debuted in 2011, Chaotic Remains is a Death Metal band from Malta.

Back in 2008 the band started as a 6 piece, with the original aim of producing music which consisted of a mixture of metal styles merging together. Managing to produce their first demo in 2011 and after debuting with Thy Legion on 12th August 2011, the band decided to focus directly and stick to Symphonic Death Metal, but due to differences between the members and their style the band went through a lot of member changes which resulted to constantly delaying and unable to launch their full length EP but still managing to share the stage with renowned local and foreign acts throughout the years.

Late 2017, Chaotic Remains, released their first full length Album: “ We are Legion” under Mighty Music. Together with William Debatttista on Synth and Andew Grech on bass, the band managed to produce an album which consisted of various elements of different styles and genres in its tracks which comprise a mixture of melody and heavy riffs whilst delving into aspects of death metal. Although it was mainly labelled as “Symphonic Death Metal”, the band managed to create their unique style.

Having a unique style has opened new paths for the band but along the way most of the members still felt that the band was not moving into the right direction. As a result the band decided to take a new path and focus entirely on death metal, releasing a new single called “Blood and Gore” on 20/11/2021.


Line up: Sean Storm Baldacchino - Main Vocalist, Mark Andrew Azzopardi - drums, Julian Bacon & Roderick Sciberras - guitars.


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